The founders of Warbell are Marcin “Maroon” Witeska, Piotr “Peter” Hasioli and Paweł “Bloody” Szczypka. At the beginning, they played covers, but soon they began composing their own music. The drummer Patryk Kryński joined the permanent line-up and several people tried on the vocals, but none for longer. At the end of 2009, they released a demo called “Battle Of Unnumbered Tears” with Bloody’s vocals. In 2010 the band suspended activity.

They returned to the stage in 2013 with Rafał “Viader” Wiaderek behind the drums and Karolina ,,Gigi” Więcek as a vocalist. This line-up re-released the demo from 2009 and started working on a new material. On December 1st 2015, in cooperation with Goressimo Records, they released their debut full-length album “Havoc”, which has received very good reviews both in Poland and abroad. In 2016, one of the founders – Maroon – left the band for personal reasons, but remained involved in composing Warbell’s music. Since then, several musicians appeared as live guitarists.
Year 2019 is a year of a new LP – “Plague” and it’s release is followed by another european tour. More info soon…

From the beginning they have played over 100 concerts in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Austria and Hungary, including many summer festivals such as PolandRock 2018 (PL), Metal Underground Resistance 2017 (DE), Los Krachos Open Air 2018 (DE), Occultfest 2017 (NL).

Current line-up:

Karolina ‘Gigi’ Więcek – vocals (2013 – present)

Paweł ‘Bloody’ Szczypka – bass, vocals (2008 – present)

Piotr ‘Peter’ Hasioli – guitar (2008 – present)

Karol ‘Maniac’ Mania – guitar (2019 – present)

Rafał ‘Vader’ Wiaderek – drums (2013 – present)


Marcin ‘Maroon’ Witeska – guitar (2008-2016)

Patryk Kryński – drums (2008-2013)

Live musicians:

Kamil Ziobro – drums (2008)

Krzysztof Barański – vocals (2009)

Mateusz Styczyński – vocals (2009-2010)

Piotr Pawlak – guitar (2016)

Mateusz Cichoń – guitar (2016-2017)

Radosław Bilecki – guitar (2018)


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